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Hey guys,


I asked the the designer of the HS Stacker and he told me for my location he didn't think the HS Stacker would do anything appreciably better than the EZ-HD similar (I think the antenna I have is RCA, I bought it at Walmart) antenna I have. I believe the good things I've read about the antenna, so many people don't have motive to lie but I think maybe I and some of the others do sound a bit enthusiastic after dealing with the typical junk being sold as antennas at local discounters. One can't go into even a Radio Shack like when I was a little kid and expect to find an real antenna to buy (even living in the boonies like I do). And the thoughts of ordering and putting up a 12' by 12' foot antenna ordered from the internet and imagining possibly to have to go to the trouble taking it back down, re-boxing it and of returning it keep away alot of prospective customers. That's certainly one reason the HS Stacker antenna is so popular I'm sure.

I did at one time 'built' an antenna using 2 thick copper wires (very thick, I think 11 gauge) bent in a zigzag of about 2 feet in length each and stuck it in the house's back window. I think the design was 'Hoover-Grey' or something like that. I think it was on that Candian DigitalHome web site. Surprisingly it worked (due to reflections I'm sure) when 29 WKSO was still UHF before being moved to VHF 14. It even would pick up channel 6 very faintly out of Knoxville and this only using 2 zigzagged copper wires.

As this is more a curiosity than an interest in picking up commercial OTA I may try building that Hoover-Grey antenna for real (although I can't seem to get the wire bent just how it should be) or investigating the recommendations of GroundUrMast or trying what I originally was looking for a ChannelMaster 4224 (or something like that).
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