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I'm glad you found your way through this thread to TV Fool, gmcjetpilot!

And thank you very much for the informative post above! I will bookmark it for future reference.

Here in greater LA/OC SoCal, there is going to be more action on low VHF due to the repack. Currently, I'm still using the RCA751 as my main outdoor antenna, but I'm looking at my options going forward so I will be able to watch some channels on those frequencies. There is a couple of affordable RCA antennas currently, but I'm waiting to see if anyone else offers something else on the market. I'm sure it will depend upon monetary considerations. So, thanks for pointing out the HD7000.

Please post any further testing results as you mentioned above when you can. I would be really interested in your findings.

This is a wonderful forum with excellent help from many posters. I'm sure you'll find it as helpful as I have.

Best OTA TV viewing.....

P.S. I too have been a avid SW/AM listener.
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