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Originally Posted by sc2dave View Post
Here it is.
Your template is really semi-fractal more than fractal. GroundUrMast's earlier comment was accurate. A fractal antenna is directional with the strongest reception perpendicular to the plane of the antenna. If you mount the antenna in the horizontal plane, then it will be in its least sensitive orientation. I would also expect its reception pattern to be high anisotropic, making it a poor choice for a moving vehicle. This does not even get into the fact that your truck's roof is a ground plane.

What this all gets down to is that you have a bad choice of antenna for a moving vehicle and that you want to mount it in the worst possible orientation. There is a reason why most automotive antennas are monopoles, that most automotive dipole antennas don't work well, and that nobody but nobody mounts automotive antennas in the horizontal plane.
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