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Originally Posted by 93 ragtop View Post
a cm-4228hd antenna.
I would really like to improve the reception espically on channel 9.
Any help would really be appreciated.
The 4228HD is a UHF antenna. WUSA operates on channel 9, a VHF frequency. Even then, the 4228 HD should work well enough in your location, so there's something else going on.

Possibilities include interference from something inside your house, noise caused by a power line problem, airplane flutter from planes around Manassas airport, or FM interference. Yet I don't see overly strong FM stations in Manassas.

The antenna height of 26' does minimize the effect of interference from your house.

Look for power line noise using your car radio tuned to 530 on the AM dial. If you hear loud buzzing near your house you have found a problem.

Are there planes near your house when channel 9 breaks up?

You should not need the amplifier.
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