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Please help me

Hello, Im new to this site. I am hoping to get some opinions on improving my reception. Here is my report.
I am using channel master equipment, a cm-7000pal dvr and a cm-4228hd antenna. I have tried a old radio shack amp. I have Item 32159, says its 24db 50-900 MHZ and 4watts.
I see very little if any difference with the amp and to be honest, I dont know if it is working properly. The light does come on though.
I would really like to improve the reception espically on channel 9. Currently it shows a signal strengh of 74, but it freezes at times and makes it hard to watch.
I have no splitters in the line. The antenna is mounted on the roof, has about 10 ft of coax that connects to the amp. and then goes about 60-65 ft to the dvr.
Any help would really be appreciated.

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