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Comments on Repack Toronto/Buffalo/ Hamilton?


Any comments on the Toronto/ Buffalo/Hamilton Repack?

See this link:

My comments:

The Good

1) I'm excited about Fox (WUTV) real 14 moving to real 36. I've struggled to get this station as I get interference from Real 15 CHCH Hamilton. Although I may get some interference from the CKVR repeater (real35) it's behind me instead of direct line of site like CHCH. Plus the DB8E should get some better gain with the higher frequency.

The Bad

WNYB moving from 26 to 5. I enjoy watching some of the shows on sub channel "light tv" and the signal comes in strong on 26 but it probably won't come in at all on 5

WNYO moving from 49 to 16. I really enjoy the cheesy sci fi movies on this channel but right now it's a struggle to get a good signal and it's basically a " summer only" station for me. On 16 I'll most likely not be able to get it at all.

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