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Originally Posted by Pete Higgins View Post

Read through the following posts.

Iíve included a lot of test results from when I tried various combinations. I had an extra combiner so I ended up feeding the two panels from each HDB-8x into its supplied combiner and then the outputs of each antenna combiners into my extra combiner. I also tried feeding the cables from each 4-Bay section into a 4-Way splitter with very little difference.

These are heavy antennas (well built) so horizontal stacking (by the time you got proper spacing with a non-metallic support) would be problematic. Vertical stacking isnít a problem.
I was reading through that thread as well.

What I am going to start with is an HD7698P. I would like to find an 8 bay that picks up VHF like your old channel master. It is my understanding from a post that the reflector style of the old channel master is what allowed for VHF capture.

Ultimately just for fun and if possible. I am going to go to a muffler shop that has a tubing bender and have them bend a length so I can mount 2 HD7698P's horizontally.
Then at the center have verticle masts welded centered on upper and lower side of the tubing. Allowing me to mount and 8 bay above and below HD7698P's.

That is the main reason I am interested in the particular plumbing you used to isolate the antennas.

The other thing I need to add to the mix is a cell repeater. Cell phone reception is poor due to being in a hollow.
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