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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
antennas needed are determined by real channel:

3.1 virtual is real channel 44
10.1 virtual is real channel 10
21.1 virtual is real channel 23
27.1 virtual is real channel 28
33.1 virtual is real channel 19
49.1 virtual is real channel 49

What happens if you connect each antenna directly to your TV instead of the Roamio? Does your TV have a signal strength indicator?
Regarding the corrected and uncorrected numbers that is no mistake. Ever since I have had the unit I have never seen anything other than "0" on the RS Corrected column. What I put in the post is what the Tivo Roamio menu showed me.

They did check signal strength levels on the 1 TV while they were here. Since the TV only has 1 tuner it shows very high signal strength on all channels. I think Fox was somewhere near 97%. That's how they were arriving at the conclusion that little amplification should be used. If you need exact signal strength percentages to compare to what I posted for the Roamio I can provide that for all channels. Just let me know.

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