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Originally Posted by suzanrush View Post
The only thing I wonder is if I could be picking-up even more channels even further away. Mine was advertised to pick-up signals within a 50 mile radius but it goes much further out.

I can't help but wonder if those who wander in here can really be helped. That is, people who know nothing about radio/tv frequencies and how they work. I'm sure most don't wish to read a book to figure this thing out. I know that I wouldn't. It would merely discourage me further.
Have you tried using TVFool? Prior to having this resource, the average consumer had to rely on friends and the claims of manufacturers. With this site, you can determine the requirements the antenna must meet with reasonable precision. You can then use performance documentation posted by the better manufacturers to determine the best fit yourself, or you can show your report to a group who are eager to help. If you have browsed the "help with reception" forum, then you shouldn't have to wonder about getting help.

I encourage you to try this out. One key to best results is using an accurate receive location, so I suggest using this method. After entering your details, you'll get back a page with an receive location icon on a Google map. Ensure that the icon is in the right place by zooming in and dragging the icon as needed. Adjust the antenna height as needed, then click the "make radar plot button."

The report you get back (it's bookmarkable) has information presented in different formats. There is a very helpful signal analysis FAQ that's linked to at the top of your report. You should read that before doing anything else. If you need further help, post your question, along with the URL of your report, in the "help with reception" forum.
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