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Originally Posted by mtownsend View Post
Once again, thanks for all the updates!
We do not see any active records for K59CI any more. It looks like the record was removed from the FCC database as of November 9, 2010. Is this station still on the air?
K59CI Globe/Miami AZ had been operating in digital on ch 27 for several months per STA, but recently, the station had been granted a CP. It then applied for and was granted its license to cover digital operations on ch 27, so the station's new call sign is K27KS-D. Its virtual channel is 5.1, as it rebroadcasts KPHO-TV Phoenix.

K61FB Globe/Miami AZ finds itself in a similar situation: operating in digital per STA on a different channel than where it operated in analog, in this case, channel 48, while it awaits Mexican coordination for its digital flash cut application. It currently operates in digital on ch 48, while the ch 61 signal is off the air for good, but it retains the K61FB call sign. It has been given a temporary call sign of K48MJ-D. Once Mexico gives their blessing, the station will be issued a CP and once licensed, the K61FB calls will disappear, and you should then see the station under the K48MJ-D calls. Its virtual channel is 12.1, as it rebroadcasts KPNX Mesa.

Another change: NBC Telemundo has surrendered the license for K28EY. It is off the air.

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