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You are correct in your identification as KDTP-LD. Daystar had changed call signs since being granted the digital companion channel CP, and actually had it changed to KDPH-LD in the FCC database, but the CP retained the KDTP calls, and when the FCC licensed the station, they changed the calls back to KDTP-LD. Daystar will have to get them to change the calls again.

More changes since my last post:
  • Analog station KEJR-LP 43 has surrendered its license and shut off. KEJR is now digital-only, broadcasting on RF channel 40 and identifying as 40.x.
  • KDTP-LD changed its PSIP and now identifies correctly as channel 48.x. Its RF channel is still 46.
  • KFPB-LD has come online on RF channel 50 and IDs as 50.x. It carries Video Zona TV as its primary subchannel. The station's community of license is Globe, but the station actually broadcasts from South Mountain and serves Phoenix. Its signal does not reach anywhere near Globe.
  • In Casa Grande, analog station K43CO has surrendered its license and has shut off.
  • All of the stations owned by Mohave County are now confirmed flash cut to digital, except for Bullhead City stations K02HR, K04GT, K07YJ, K09KG, K11LX and K12OF; Littlefield station K31EA; Colorado City station K27EJ; and Moccasin station K35EE. Mojave County also owns two stations licensed to Needles CA that are now digital: K17BN and K31HY. If you want the full list of converted stations, just let me know.
I post on a monthly update of stations in and near Arizona, which can help you keep at least the Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma-El Centro and Las Vegas markets current.

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