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"are any of the DB8 build it yourself antenna's worth building?"


I built a prototype of 10" whisker bowtie with 9 1/2" bay spacing an 8 bay and I'm quite (extremely) pleased with the results. Dropped cable about 2 weeks ago. We are getting better reception and more channels compared to the basic cable plan we use to have. I will at some point build the final version using copper wires instead of the galvanized 3/16 whiskers and set it about 25' off ground level.

We get everything wanted 40 - 50 channels which include sub channels... and this is a temporary set up of one antenna pointing in one direction 227 Degrees mag. compass.

Installed an RCA Antenna Pre-Amplifier because of about 100 feet of coaxial cable is being used. This was a big improvement.

I'm very grateful to those that offer their assistance in this forum as it was and is very helpful. Thanks to all.
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