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Stacker or not.

First I will state that 1 dB of signal gain either positive or negative gain is not important. A careful reading of what little spesifications there is for the Stacker shows there is a positive gain of 1dB gain with the Stacker across the VHF High and UHF channels as a direct comparison with the Winegard , this is not important. I would go with the Winegard HD 7696P and here are the reasons why , Higher quality of construction. The Winegard HD 7696P does not have what looks like a flexible connecting jumper on the Stacker VHF High antenna and UHF antenna. Less moving parts means will last longer in the weather. The answer is for a rooftop Tv antenna the Winegard HD 7696P is a better antenna. Another reason to choose the Winegard antenna is the weather protected cartridge housing matching transformer that is built in to the antenna

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