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Actual and Virtual Tv channels

Of those people that become aware of Actual and Virtual Tv channels. Some ask why is this? Here is the main reason. This is known as LEGACY Television Channel Numbers. As an example , lets say that a Tv station has transmitted on analog Tv channel VHF 4 for the past 60 years. This number 4 is firmly fixed in peoples minds. Now at and after the switch to digital Tv transmission the station now is transmitting on digital channel UHF 29.1 . Ok now with digital Tv has the ability to put ANY channel number on the Tv screen for the viewer to look at. The viewer has been looking at the channel number 4 for 60 years so this is the number the viewer expects to see. So the Tv station keeps the Legacy channel number of VHF 4. Even though the real and actual channel is digital channel UHF 29.1 . YES digital Tv can do this , AND A LOT MORE. There are many other ways and reasons to use virtual/digital channel numbering. For the reason and purpose of reception of digital television you need to know the actual channel so you will know what antenna to get. There is a popular Urban Myth that all digital television channels are in the UHF , this is a straight out lie. I always go to the Radar Plot Map and the >>Start MAPS<< part of tvfool to find the Actual and Virtual television channels.

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