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Thumbs up Tv reception

I am 60 years old and I have seen and heard all this before. . 'The ~'SUPER BLASTER'~ Tv Antenna' is the answer , it is the only antenna you will need , it works like a radio telescope , it fishes signals out of the air , it's a signal magnet , like no other antenna - it reaches out and grabs signals , it works on the principle of reactive electromagnetic waves , the tuned elements act like electron amplifiers , With this antenna on the roof of your house - you will swell up with pride. . Look buddy , a word for the wise , get the ~SUPER BLASTER~ , it's a great Actor. . . . . No need for Teleview any more , Ya know that teleview? Ya. . Well he is an Idiot , He thinks I will actually think about what I am doing , That Teleview he is stupid. . Ive got the ~SUPER BLASTER~ , I am a real man.

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