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dennysantennaservice . The marker is the average signal strength shown. The antenna is made to dennys specifications and is not a winegard antenna. I ask the engineer I was talking to what he thought about dennys claims. His comment was that a Tv antenna can be evaluated from many different points of view and engineering facts , and his voice was quiet loud. . My comment is dennys evaluation is 'average signal strength' as shown by a Tv tuner. Not much of a evaluation.
Well Teleview, I'm your huckleberry.( ala Tombstone the movie ) I have a Tektronix spectrum analyzer, a 50 ft. mast and a Stacker from Denny's on the way. Oh, and I also have a vintage RCA crystal calibrated bar generator and amp and Simpson certified frequency meter and field strength meter to do near and far field evaluation. With Winegards approved diapole and a 30 acre yard to do it in and access to thousands of acres of test range around me we'll figure this thing out once and for all! Or as Denny did the test like 98% of OTA Television viewers across our great land; via the signal strength meter on his set top tuner! BUILT BY WINEGARD ( or to their specs at least). Sooo... if that isn't much of an evaluation, I surely don't know what the general public would perceive as one!?! He also adds that ANY manufacturer of an antenna he compared to is welcome to a re-test at the same location as long as he can publish the results. Sounds fair enough to me. Maybe your EE from Winegard ought to get some extra frequent flier miles and go prove Denny wrong. Just because he doesn't have a big name like Winegard or Channel Meister etc... doesn't mean he can't tweek the wave-trap a bit and make a living at it. You call up your EE at Winegard to send me antennas I will plug and play and post the results for all to see. My mast uses a mounted a.c. powered winch on the bottom of the main mast to tilt and right itself in mere minutes, and is capable of 75 feet or more if that is necessary. With tornado season on-going I think 50ft. will work well enough. Winegard tests with 30 ft. Oh, and my selection of the HD Stacker is based on averaging of wind load (75 mph in my county)and ability to handle ice load versus dB gained with a Winegard HD7698P that is 60+ % larger. With the windload increasing at a cubed rate! Also the HD Stacker is a capable performer especially when coupled with my Research Communications Ltd LNA. It will also perform as an FM antenna where the Hi VHF and UHF antennas from most manufacturers don't . And there is a 100% money back he pays the shipping guarantee. Simply put it is the best balance of features and performance for my application right now and Denny's evaluation though lacking in scientific datum, is fair and clearly enough put for the average consumer to find use of.
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