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Since your post includes references to some heavy duty antennas I'll assume that you want the Buffalo signals in addition to the Toronto signals.

The DB-8e might just be a good solution for both. It has sort of a tulip pattern. That means very good gain in the direction its pointing in, poor gain about 22 degrees to either side of the direction its pointed in, and good gain about 45 degrees to either side of the direction it is pointed in.

That means you might be in luck. [Though there are never any guarantees.]

If you point the DB-8e at Buffalo (154 degrees on a compass) for the greatest gain, you are very likely to receive the very strong Toronto stations at 111 degrees. I expect that, given its strength, CFTO channel 9 might be received. If not, a separate VHF-Hi antenna could be added. If this were me I'd probably try the Stellar Labs Deep Fringe Directional Antenna VHF-Hi pointed at Buffalo for Real Channel 7 (Me-TV). You'd likely get CFTO from the side.

All this depends on what is between you and Buffalo (and the Toronto towers). Buildings and trees can block a lot of the signal. I'd certainly get it outside and do a roof walk with the antenna connected to one TV trying different locations before mounting it anywhere.

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