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Originally Posted by mtownsend View Post
Does this mean we're ready to pull all of the analog records for these stations out of the database?
I believe so, with maybe the exception of K30BQ, which has been switched over to digital without the construction permit having actually been issued. Although I believe Mohave County operates the station, it does not own it. If there is an STA in place for K30BQ, the CDBS database does not list it. Otherwise, all of the aforementioned stations have been issued construction permits and have been operating in digital for some time. The only stations Mohave County owns that haven't gone digital are K35EE Moccasin, K27EJ Colorado City, K31EA Littlefield, K11TA Golden Valley, and K02HR, K09KG and K11LX Bullhead City.

You haven't seen licenses requested for Mohave County's stations because they don't seem to remember to file for licenses to cover in time. The last time they had a large number of license modifications, they neglected to file for licenses to cover until the FCC canceled the permits.

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