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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
The only software that I know of that will produce CSV output is for the RF Explorer SA and the V1.1 RSP Spectrum Analyser for the SDRplay RSP1A:
Interesting, thanks for the info and images.

Seems the Airspy has such a good reputation, that there would be logging/export software available for it.

As we discussed earlier in this thread, interested in high dynamic range obtainable with either SDRplay RSP1 or Airspy R2.

Tend to favor the Airspy R2 over the RSP1 because it seems to display less spurs (indicating better dynamic range at least in spectral regions where spurs occur).

However, also would like to log and export data.

The specific high dynamic range application does not necessarily require logging, and the logging application does not necessarily require high dynamic range.

Therefore, an option could be to use Airspy R2 for high dynamic range tests and the low cost SDR dongle with RTLSDR Scanner software for logging.

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