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biquad for cell phone

if a bi-quad antenna can be used for a cell phone?
The short answer is Yes (but not that one)
This site is old ( first I ever heard about nec modeling software and before 802.11 g came out)
Scroll to the bottom of the page.

If this is to be a mobile cellphone antenna then bi-quad is to directional.
Modern cell phones don't have a visible antenna so the "coupling" would be the main issue.
If the antenna is for a house you could arrange for your ez-chair to to be at the focus of an offset parabola (in the attic).
GroundUrMast is right about the construction of the biquad you linked to (copper clad pc board is terrible for this application) ,after 3 attempts using the printed circuit board I switched to copper flashing. (find a friendly siding installation crew to bend the lips on their brake )
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