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Winegard C A-8100 / H D-8100

Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
OK, I think I found it.

Yeah, that's it! You provided the dimensions, look at the size of that thing! I take it, you never installed one Rabbit?

Later on it became the HD 8100 or something like that. It's just a big obtrusive antenna that says "if I can't get the job done nobody can". Of course it's size is mostly due to the VHF low elements I guess, so it's almost useless in today's markets.

One of my friends dad had one and he was pretty proud of it. We would go over to his house and he would rotate the HD 8100 and we'd watch it gleaming in the sunset, it was really beautiful when it was new.

When he sold the house, he left it behind. I often wanted to pick it up but it's just too much antenna for what it is capable of now. 10 to 20 years ago though I thought it must have been the ultimate. After all, bigger is better right?

I's still there but it looks like it has one of the longer elements missing now, probably still works good.

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