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Thanks for the replies!
The reason for the question was Channelmaster website documents boast a 5db gain on hi-VHF and I couldn't find any posts on any forum where CM implemented the changes Nist suggested to the harness since 2010.
My current setup is AD C4 with an antennacraft Y7-13 joined with the CM Amplify plus split to two TV's. It works well.
My questions were just various things that make me scratch my head.
The experts on these forums as with any experts in any field do and should keep advertising as honest as possible.
My cartridge question basically asks if that is a balun surrounded by plastic or is there somehow more efficiency to signal transfer?
If you're looking for Hi vhf outdoor tv antenna the seller's LAB antenna
Is a well built antenna and a good price sellers LAB they have 2kinds of
Hi GaIN vhf outdoor tv antennas the difference between the two antennas is
The size I have used both and the performance was excellent with channel master 7777amp in southbrige MASS 01550.And antennas higth was 60ft
receive of 25 hi band vhf channels so then I used the big seller's LAB antennas stagger stacked with a johansson mast mount AMP with my stacked side by side HDB91,for my uhf BROADCASTING TOWER's 80miles away 35channels +
The seller's LAB hi gain vhf,stagger stacked receiving channel's 1500miles away
The cost of the hole seat up with the amp $300dollars well spent!!!
And do not forget about the Amazon fire stick&the internet all the movies and
doun't for get about the sport's& no black outs like you get frum DISH or hi CABLE

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