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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
Also... I realize that this time of the year is not when one would expect to see trees growing up into the signal path... but is there any new construction that may be blocking or reflecting signals? Then, winter weather can make for some interesting propagation conditions. Temperature inversions can make the atmosphere reflect and bounce signals which can appear as signal fading at your location.

In the case of obstructions, you may be forced to move your antenna, up, down or laterally. In the case of weather induced propagation, moving the antenna may help... but only while the conditions remain the same.
There's no new constructions in my little city that I am aware of. Could be someplace else maybe.

I may blame the weather. Been fairly mild compared to last year.

I checked my Tivo signal strength about 5pm yesterday, all three channels up around 50 which was good enough to view (they used to average 67-72).

I'm going to check what connections I can per Jake V suggestions. The ones up by the antenna I won't be able to.
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