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Originally Posted by SVTarHeel View Post
I'm thinking through the cable cutting process. At this point the leading contenders are a Myth HTPC and HDHomeRun. I ran across a new-in-the-box HDHR - it's white and has 2 plugs in the back. Is this like the 1st one(s) you have? Any reason to go for new new? Or is the dual input preferable in your mind?

Do you have your Myth box up and running? My Linux experience is limited although I have poked around the Mythbuntu site a bit.

My setup is relatively simple. We currently have DirecTV (two HR24 receivers) and 98% of everything on both DVRs is watched on a Samsung LN-T4053H. (I also have a Panasonic DMR-EZ27 DVD recorder there.) Am I correct in assuming that a Myth setup can play our 2% on the other TV with a low-end computer attached to it?

I have an uninstalled DB4 antenna as well. I have some questions about that for a later date/another thread.

Thanks for any pointers or clarifications.
As I mentioned previously, I own three of the white HDHR-Dual units and one HDHR3-US (black). I have seen no difference in tuner sensitivity. In my multi-antenna system, the white dual input unit offers the flexibility to connect different antenna sources to each tuner... so my nod goes to the older model.

I have a MythTV system running on a Zotac box... with some proprietary video/audio driver support issues remaining. I'm still in the learning curve. My XP box is still my reliable PVR/DVR. My best advise is to depend on the MythTV and Ubuntu forums for guidance on minimum hardware recommendations.

As much as I am biased toward open-source solutions, the industry is inclined toward proprietary systems. Netflix has implemented digital rights management security that is closed/proprietary and therefor has no support in Linux or any other open-source OS. Therefor, I am still using the WIN-7 or XP machines to access Netflix. EDIT: Many disk player include Internet media access functionality. Our new Sony BlueRay player has Netflix functionality included, so one more 'weak string' that held me captive to MS has been cut.
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