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Issue with Eagle Aspen Rotor

I have a problem with my Eagle Aspen rotor and cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.
I had it hooked up and working with only one wire carrying the Antenna signal and the rotor drive current.
Since then, I ran the VHF/UHF down-lead into the attic and bought another cable for the remote box-to-the-rotor. I am 95% sure that I have the cables run correctly.
I want to ad that, since the cable display carton did not clearly indicate what type of cable it was, I mistakenly purchased and hooked up a copper-coated-steel center cable (all the the carton said was that it was "solid"....I looked at it and it appeared to be copper, not copper clad...there was no indication anywhere on the carton that indicated that it was "clad."). When I did this, the indicator acted erratically and the rotor didn't turn, as commanded. This set up was left in place for a few seconds...just until the issue was manifested, and shut off.
I ordered a solid copper center RG6 and replaced my control box-to-rotor cable, this morning. I attempted to do a reset of the control box, according to directions but, P01 was still in the memory of the box, after the reset.
The bottom line is: my control box is not moving the servo in the antenna is not responding to the control box.
Could I have "fried" that rotor that easily?
I have another post in Antenna Reception that ended in my satisfaction but, this is just a new twist in my "cutting the cable," which I DID do.
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