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Question Antenna Insanity

Good People,

I'm about to lose my mind over this problem, and I could use some good advice.

We're in New Orleans. Since we lost our analog set in the floods of 2005, we've gone all digital and never looked back. For years we have used a powered RCA rabbit ears set-top antenna and a Samsung SIR-T451 tuner. But we couldn't always get all the channels we wanted. Case in point: No WYES, the PBS affiliate which runs educational programming for kids. Plus we'd have to fiddle with it all the time to keep things in tune.

So, we thought we'd upgrade. I got a Channel Master 4221HD Multi-Bay UHF Short Range HDTV Antenna which was endorsed by a friend of a friend who supposedly knows about such things as being "just right" for our area.

Speaking of which here's the TV Signal Analysis Results for our precise location:

Today I hired some guys to install the antenna in the back of our two story house gotta be a good 30' in the air, and the antenna is on a pole well above our roof line. The back of our house faces northeast. The antenna is turned a bit so it faces north.

I don't think position should matter for the problem I'm about to explain, though.

We get three channels through this new antenna. The "real" channel numbers are 11, 36 & 41. We're finally getting WYES. (That's channel 11.) Hooray. My three year old daughter is overjoyed.

But through the rabbit ears we can get channels 15, 24, 26, 29, 31, 36 & 43.

The only channel both antennas get is 36 (WWL) which is the strongest signal here at -18.0dBm.

Other than that the two lists are mutually exclusive, and I can't see any rhyme or reason to it, which has me pulling my hair out.

Obviously the new antenna is doing something because it's pulling in the heretofore unobtainable WYES. But why can't it pick up the raft of other channels that our rabbit ears can get?

I figure it's something blindingly obvious that I'm just too ignorant to see.

Can anyone offer advice? It would be much appreciated.

Editor B
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