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Originally Posted by sdubb View Post
Thats Awesome! My only concern would be the bandwidth to keep up with 2 HD shows being recorded. I guess you could drop some cat5 down the hill but you would could only get 300'
You're right, the Wifi link would need to be rock solid. To record one HD show while viewing a second HD show live could require an error free 48 MB/s WIFI link, something that would require a true line of site and a substantial fade margin. 100 Mb/s Wifi bridges are available... Depending on circumstances, 802.11a, g or n may be the best choice. There are unlicensed 900 MHz radio options possible as well.

Or, if you really have access to the needed right of way, there are long haul options for twisted pair such as Capable of a 45 Mbit/s link out to 0.9 KM or more. Also, Ethernet over RG-6 and RG-11 devises are on the market. EnConn is one of several vendors I have seen, but none have been in hand.

Of course, there are all sorts of other variations on this concept. If power is available, a PC at the remote site can be the PVR/DVR. This would reduce the load on the WIFI link provided you would be satisfied to download recordings when live programing is not filling the link.

A similar system could be run from a remote location with power and internet access. Products like Slingbox come to mind.
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