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I suggest you focus on the signals at 325-ish degrees. They are the strongest ones in your report, all UHF, and if successful, will get you all the major networks. If you can't get CBS on WTVH (signal strength is 6 dB lower than the others), you have a chance at getting it from the south on WBNG. This is conveniently on VHF-hi so would be relatively easy to combine with the signals from your main UHF antenna. You would use a Stellar labs 30-2476 VHF-hi antenna for that one, but i would wait and see if you can get CBS on WTVH first. Combining UHF signals from different directions can be very tricky-- interference can easily result in fewer channels received.

You are in a deep fringe area. Start by seeing what you can get under the simplest conditions (a good UHF antenna, new short RG-6, one TV). Worry about multiple directions, rotors, and distribution LATER.
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