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Syracuse is one of the target areas, I guess Utica would be next. probably a good bit of repeat networks, didn't look close at the table yet. Not tied to one antenna at all, honestly when I stated looking at antennas, I thought those flat jobbers looked like gimmicks. but hey, for 80 bucks, it is worth a shot. now as far as a rota-tor, or, combining the two? say what I have, and add the HDB8x? keep one pointed at Utica, the other at Syracuse? combine their signals in a box, then one lead to the tv?

seems like rota-tor is on the no list, but I'd need convinvcing why, I'm not dvr'ing anything, just trying to watch more, and better.

sooo, googled and I could combine two, or more for one signal as far as I read anyway. now onto this whole repack thing, how often should one do an automatic channel search to ensure I'm getting all that I can?

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