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I think you have a decent shot at good reception. My report is worse than yours and I can reliably receive all 5 networks. Since you haven't specified which market you are after, I will assume Syracuse. That being said, I recommend throwing that 12-foot CM into the recycle bin. It undoubtedly has VHF-hi and VHF-lo elements that aren't needed, as all major Syracuse stations are on UHF. I recommend a DB8e or equivalent 8-bay (e.g. HDB8X) aimed at 327 magnetic. Or you could try a yagi like the HDB91X or equivalent. Start with a single, short length (<50 ft) of new, RG-6 coax and no preamp. Once you have determined the best antenna location and aim, then you can work on the distribution, which may require mast-mounted pre-amp or distribution amplifier.

P.S. What model CM do you have presently? Depending on its UHF gain, it could be used short term to sniff out the best antenna location and aim. It may even have comparable gain to the UHF-only antennas i suggest above, though likely a few dB less, in my experience.

Also, I recommend that you don't be wedded to any particular antenna location at this point in time. Differences of a foot or two in X, Y, and Z directions can make a huge difference in weak UHF signals. It took me almost 2 years to find my sweet spot up in a tree at the corner of my property (seach "Reception Help in NH" thread). That is why the UHF only antennas would be good--- they are smaller than that CM monster and would be easier for hunting for your sweet-spot.

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