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Originally Posted by iamnoip View Post
For some reason, I was led to believe that amplified antennas were not recommended for folks like me that live very close (1-2 miles) to most signals?

Did I get that wrong?
That's probably true in your case, unless the signals are nuch weaker than indicated because of buildings in the signal path. The report assumes there are no objects in the signal path. The red highlighted signal power numbers are an overload warning.

Before buying another antenna why don't you try an attenuator to make the signals weaker. A 4-way splitter would give 7 dB attenuation; two in series give 14 dB.

Because of Repack by the FCC, some of your signals are coming from the ESB, some from the WTC, and some from NJ. There wil be many multipath reflections of your signals; try different antenna locations.
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