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Just to make sure I'm looking at the correct antenna, it's the ClearStream FLEX® Amplified UHF/VHF Indoor HDTV Antenna with Sure Grip?
Yes, that's the one.

For some reason, I was led to believe that amplified antennas were not recommended for folks like me that live very close (1-2 miles) to most signals?
After I posted to your query, I thought about how close you were to your towers. And you're right about amplification that's very close to transmission source. So, I would try the antenna you choose without the amplifier first and check your reception and signal strength. If everything is to your liking, nothing else to do. But if you find issues later, you can experiment with placement to see if that clears things up. At your very close proximity, I think an amplifier might overload your TV and you'll get less channels, if I'm thinking correctly here. I'm not a Tech, but I've learned much from this forum and my "hobby" at my location.

I hope this helps, iamnoip. As I mentioned earlier, there are some very experienced Techs on this forum with many years in the industry, who probably could explain the details of this issue much better than me. If they decide to chime in, they'll give you a deeper understanding of these matters. But, I'll give you my 2 cents as best I can!

Please keep the forum posted on your outcome. Thanks!

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