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I understand interference happens, but it got me that these days there's probably a better indoor antenna I should be using?

Hi & Welcome iamnoip!

Here's your report. It's more up to date than your TV Fool report, due to a very small staff trying to keep up with repack and all the other related issues. (It might be a bit slow to load, up to 30 seconds).

Here's an earlier thread which deals with similar issues as you're asking about:

I have no problem recommending Antennas Direct antennas, especially the indoor Flex. I have found it to be more reliable in signal strength and reception than Mohu. Just my opinion though.

There are some excellent Techs here that might be able to help you further.

Please keep the forum updated on your progress. I'm sure it would be of interest to others with similar issues.

All the best!

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