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Vertical in the US does not work
You're confusing vertical polarization with vertical stacking of separate antennas. Different animals. Two bay, four bay, and eight bay antennas are all examples of antennas that include a vertical stacking of elements.

FWIW, many US stations who did not previously do so will be adding a vertical component to their signal to create either circular or elliptically polarized broadcast signals. In those specific cases, an antenna rotated so that it is vertically polarized will, in fact work just fine. However, since the default polarization of all TV broadcast signals is required by regulation to be horizontally polarized, the default polarization of the receiving antenna should also be horizontal.

Horizontal stacking reduces the horizontal beamwidth, but maintains the same vertical beamwidth of one antenna. Vertical stacking maintains the same horizontal beamwidth of one antenna, but reduces the vertical beamwidth.
This is the correct description of the behavior that results from the two commonly executed types of stacking.
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