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Hello, user name

Thanks for the signal report.

having problem with channel 28. Signal is 50 to 65 in strength.
Is that WFPA? It is one of your weaker channels. What are you measuring the strength with? What do your good channels measure? Are you using a preamp?
When attaching tv antennas, should they be attached in a "series", not parallel?
The title for your thread says combining, but your question says attaching.

What two antennas are you attaching, and why do you want to attach them?

There are many ways of attaching antennas. Do you mean attaching them to the mast or do you mean connecting the coax cables together?

I see a lot of trees in your area that can block TV signals. Are there trees in the signal path from channel 28?

Please tell us more details so that we can give you good advice.
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