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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
That is the definition of a "reversed splitter". When you turn a splitter around, it becomes a combiner.

The two "outputs" become the inputs, the "input" becomes the combined output.

O.K. I double checked the configuration in my attic. The two coaxial cables (one from each antenna) running into my attic are currently connected to the two "outs" on the Holland 2FS splitter. A very short coaxial cable is coming from the "in" port of the Holland 2FS splitter and connecting to an "in" port of the Channel Master 3410 distribution amp. Doesn't this mean the Holland 2FS is already being used as a "reverse splitter"? If that is the case, should I still disconnect the coax from the antennas connected to the "output" of said splitter (one at a time) to check each antennas reception?
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