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Please ignore my previous post about the preamplifiers. So, the installer/handyman came out today to work on my system. I chose the Antennas Direct 91XG and we mounted on a satellite dish mount pointed toward 350 degrees. We saw some improvement but not huge. I discovered the Wineguard HDP269 amp was completely installed in the attic and not on the small directional antenna that was trying to pull in Fox so as we were taking it off to put on the 91XG the signal got significantly stronger so no preamp is connected now. Right now, my signal strength of Fox is peaking at 78-79 percent. So, that is significant improvement (that is even on a rather windy day). I also have identified the mysterious antenna that was up before: The 91XG was strong enough to pull in signals from Fordland but KYTV/NBC signal fluctuated quite a bit when it was not coming from the C2V.

I left the Skywalker amp alone because I wasn't sure what to do. I saw a huge dip in signal strength when we disconnected it. ADTech, do you think I should leave it alone or should I replace it with the Channel Master CM-3410?

I am also wondering should I still order the AC-7 custom combiner for Fox KRBK Channel 49. Could you please advise ADTech? Thanks you so much for your help so far!!!!

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