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Thanks for the head up!

CIVT-DT's record is still being listed as an "AU" record (as opposed to an "OP" record) in the Industry Canada database, hence its default behavior is to be listed as a "pending" transmitter. In recently generated reports, the data would not show up in the "current" results, but could be found in the "pending" results.

We have now fixed this so that CIVT-DT (ch 33 / 32.1, 12.6 kW) shows up in the "current" results for any reports generated from today onward.

The data for CIVT-DT(1) (post-transition ch 32 / 32.1, 33 kW) is also an "AU" record. It was showing up, and will continue to show up, in the "pending" results.

Hope this does a better job of reflecting what is currently on the air and what will soon be on the air. Please let us know if there are any other updates needed.
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