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Lightbulb Tv reception

I found them in the Analog Channel list and Digital Channel list , look at the lists seperatly . Low Power Analog Tv stations are allowed by the FCC to continue transmitting Analog after the Digital change over June 2009 change over date. .The Low Power Analog Tv transmitters are changing to Digital as time goes along. . The FULL Power Tv stations changed to digital June 2009. It is easy to tell the Analog and Digital transmitters. The analog picture will have ghosts , lines , snow , fuzzyness in the picture , the Digital picture will be Crystal Clear. . Analog is what we all watched for 50 + years , would you go back to Analog only Tv???? . . In the Google search box you can type in the Call Signs of the Tv Stations and get more information. . . shows the programing that is available on the tv stations. Titan Tv Guide tends to be overly complete , tends to give too much information , keep at it and you will figure it out.

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