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Attics may attenuate more or less than 20 dB, YMMV. The HBU series antennas are a bit easier to fold back down (than a similar Winegard) if they fail in the attic. This makes it easier to move the antenna outside if it is necessary.

I don't know why you are limited to attic mounting so FWIW, The FCC takes your side, protecting your right to install an antenna on your property or the area you rent.

If we were neighbors, you would likely see a Winegard HD7694P on my roof. ($57.71 at Amazon + free shipping)

(CH-10 is so powerful that it would likely come in the back corner anyway)
Since I am mounting in the attic should I go with a more powerful unit such as the HBU44 or HBU55 to compensate for the attenuation?

My wife and I have decided to put the antenna in the attic for cosmetics alone.

Thanks for the recommendation of the Winegard, I did miss that series in my search.
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