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A Couple Mast Questions....

Standard CM masts are 5' and 18-gauge 1.25" diameter tubing. Seems WAY too weak.
I was thinking of galvanized pipe available at my local Home Depot. They have 10' lengths of 1" and 1.25" which are much thicker than 18 gauge. They also have thicker and bigger fence posts. My calculations show that if I apply a 10 lbs load to the end of a 5 foot tube:

1-1/4" 18 ga. displaces 1.21"
1" galv pipe displaces 0.25"
1-1/4" galv pipe displaces 0.10"
1-7/8" 16ga displaces 0.17" (fence post)

I can't imagine using the 18 ga spaghetti noodle, do people use those? What do you guys recommend? Would anyone put the antenna on a 10' mast (1.25" galv pipe) attached to the chimney? Would I even need that? I mean if 5' mast on my roof doesn't work, will 10' really matter? Fence post comes as 8' might be a good option?


If I secure a mast solidly to the chimney, and find the "best" orientation and tighten the CM-3020 (arrives today) to the mast tightly, will wind or anything else change my "lock"? I'm assuming that I'm NOT going to have to continuously adjust things up on my roof, but I have zero experience with an antenna and wind!
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