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Originally Posted by Insaneoctane View Post
Interesting. Did you fasten the 2x4 ahead of time, or let the bolts/screws from the Y bracket suspend it from the outside?
Actually, I did the following:
I cut a 3 foot long 2x4 and drilled two large holes in it about
two feet apart for the two "Y" brackets.
I brought the 2x4 and a drill to the chimney and using the
two pre-drilled holes, placed the 2x4 against the stucco and drilled
through it. I purchased two 6 inch long lag bolts with washers and
screws. I put a washer and lag bolt through the 2x4 and taped the
heads securely to the 2x4. I brought the 2x4 into the attic and
aligned the lag bolts to the pre-drilled holes in the stucco. I then
pushed the lag bolts/2x4 through the holes. The lag bolts were
long enough to hold the 2x4 until I could get to the roof.
Once on the roof, I attached a large washer, "Y" bracket, another
washer and NUT. I attached the other side of both "Y" brackets
to the corner studs using wood lag screws with washers.
Because it can get windy here, I supplemented the install with
a U-bolt on the mast and two steel "arms" fastened to the top
of the chimney. Those arms are fastened into the studs inside
the attic.

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