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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
Just across the state line is Kenosha WI. Antenna-town USA.

100,000 strong, mostly single residence. Lot's of antennas.

Anyhow, Kenosha has the most antenna towers I've ever seen. It's like an outdoor antenna museum, stuff from the 50's, most still aimed in the proper orientation either towards Chicago or Milwaukee. I see a lot of old antenna pairs also opposed, pointed at either city. I always wonder how well they work. My luck with combing antenna was very spotty.

Even though these are matching antennas I wonder what luck they have by combining them? Or are they? Maybe separate inputs at the TV?
What you need to do is ask the owners of the antennas and Kenosha antenna installers what works best for them.

I favor the two-coax system with an A/B switch IF the TV tuners can add a channel after scan. If the tuners can NOT add a channel after scan, then it would be necessary to rescan every time you changed antennas. To avoid that hassle, use two tuners at each TV; the TV tuner and a separate tuner connected to the aux input of the TV.
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