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BTW, I called RCA earlier and asked them the same question I posed on this forum. The CS Rep told me in no uncertain, but friendly terms, that they could NOT answer my question because it was "proprietary information." ???!!! I pressed them for an answer since their antenna was a yagi design and had been around for nearly a century, but to no avail. I didn't understand the secrecy in this case. But tight lipped they remained.
I can GUARANTEE you that they were tight-lipped because they didn't have a clue as to the correct answer. FWIW, the antenna is manufactured for VOXX (owner of the old RCA trademark) by Winegard. It is a derivative of their old HD7000R antenna which was discontinued a few years ago but then was relaunched last year with a feature that allows extra metal to be bolted on to make it convertible between a 2-uhf or a 7-UHF model.
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