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Originally Posted by Tower Guy View Post
It's the strength of the strongest stations that matters more than the NM of the weakest station.

I can't find your TVfool report posted elsewhere.
Hmmm.. I dont understand that. I would think that it's the NM dB value at your particular location regardless of the broadcaster power Kwatts that matter.

I mean I would rather have a high NM value from a weak TV station, rather than a strong TV station giving me a weak (low) NM value, no?

Anyways, here's my Tvfool report (set it for Pending Digital).. I want to get the Cxxx stations (Vancouver stations) in the weak NM ranges:

Also for a baseline comparison, I can get channel 27 KBTC at 2dB NM with my old Radio Shack VU-190 VHF/UHF combo antenna, with about 75 feet RG6 cable total, with maybe 2-3 combiners just fine, no pre-amp on my DTV converter box (Dish Pal or Artec model brand).

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