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My main goals are as follows:

1) Switch from cable to antenna. We current have "bare bones" basic cable and just get basic channels in standard definition with this, but it will look bad on the newer TVs, so we are trying to decide on alternatives. The antenna seems like a good choice since we only watch major networks anyway, and saving the $10/month for basic cable is more of an added benefit.

2) I'd like to be able to watch hulu (standard free version, not the paid hulu plus version) and other network tv stuff for free. That's the reason I was considering media center since it would allow us to do this. Of course, it sounds like for the media center setup it's best to get a dedicated PC. I don't really care about DVR capability, but it would be an added bonus. Are there any other ways (besides media center) you know of to get the hulu to the new tv without going through the subscription based stuff? For example, I know google tv blocks hulu. We were looking at some of the samsung smart tv's, and the high end ones have a browser in them but I don't know if they block hulu or not either. Media center seems to be the safest bet.

I'm just not real keen on buying a dedicated PC for tv, but at the same time, I'd really like to be able to watch stuff like hulu since it would be cool to watch stuff that I missed, or shows that I can't get on the antenna channels.

Thanks again for the advice, I really appreciate your time.
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