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Thanks Towerguy! A couple of follow-up questions, and I'll try to be specific in my use of the words "tower", "antenna", and "transmitter"...

1) Where did you determine the configuration of the WCAX antenna (i.e. number of panels, etc.)

2) Another article (link) states: "The remote tower, owned by WCAX, hosts antennae used by Vermont Public Radio and Vox AM/FM, but only a television antenna shared by WCAX and WPTZ appears to have been damaged."

Does this mean that the WCAX (RF-20) and WPTZ (RF-14) signals are emanating from the same collection of panels, and that the signals are simply superimposed on one another?

3) I reread the first article and it says that they elected to ignore the damaged antenna and build a separate temporary antenna. So it doesn't seem like they are salvaging panels to construct a stand-in. Regardless, am I correct to assume the temporary one will likely have much less power than the old one?

4) I also found a WCAX news segment (video) that shows them putting in a new transmitter (I think this refers to the equipment that resides inside the building), so I think the antenna up on the tower was not changed during the repack. This would seem to make sense, as there was no interruption to the WCAX or WPTZ signal during the change-over 1 month ago.
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