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I feel your pain brother

Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
Is there a plain old VHF antenna that won't cause this problem?
I don't think I want to monkey around with AB switches on every TV
Hi, I've been reading your thread with some interest. I am by no means an expert. But the one thing I have learned in the past few years is combining antennas is usually unsuccessful. Combining a UHF antenna with a VHF antenna usually works well if you use a UVSJ combiner. Or a UHF / VHF combining amp like the RCA PREAMP 1R

Combining dissimilar antennas of the same band almost never works. Especially if they are pointing in different directions. in fact that's a double whammy.

Pointing two duplicate antennas in the same direction does work however. I had to prove it to myself and I can tell you that's the only way it seems to work.

Unfortunately, many people just don't know that that's how it is. I wouldn't say I learned the hard way because I ended up with two excellent arrays. I just can't combine them. Even when I do combine them I get most of my strong stations but I will lose the weaker ones. For example if I do a scan with the antennas combined, I will get about 80 stations. If I separate the antennas I will get about 97 stations a lot of them off the back side of the highly directional antennas.

BTW, instead of an A/B switch I use two different tuners and switch the inputs on the TV. I have my inputs labeled "Chicago" and "Milwaukee"

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