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Originally Posted by blackstone View Post
Here's an update and a few more questions, please, if you will indulge me.

Received and installed the CM 5020 this week.
So, I am using it as well as the DB8-E.

Most of the lost stations have re-appeared.
Some aren't quite watchable yet.
Hopefully, a little tweak will help.

I got back WPCW 19 the CW and WTOV Channel 9.
WPGH 53 is so-so.
I am picking up WQED 13 PBS but it's not watchable.

An oddity (to me) was when I had no VHF antenna connected I received WWCP 8 better than I do with an antenna.

I seem to have lost strength on a couple stations that are UHF.
WTAE 4 and WJAC 6.
These were real strong with the DB8-E only but go in and out now that I have both.

Is there some conflict with using these two antennas?
The Channel Master is @ 18' and pointing at 225
I haven't moved the DB 8E in months.
It is 12' and @ 210

Thanks, again, for any insights
So do you have both the antennas connected together using a common splitter? If so, you may be having signals arriving at each antenna out of phase and cancelling each other out
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