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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
It's my favorite; inexpensive, simple, and reliable.
Thousands of $$$$$ for single channel amplifiers, modulators, balancing attenuators, and a combiner.

If there was an easy inexpensive way to do it, CATV systems wouldn't have to do this:

Yes, an Omni receives poorly in all directions. It works OK at some locations.
Yeah, I'm thinking of the UFO type.

Removing the reflector from an 8-bay or 4-bay, makes it bi-directional to receive from the front and rear; just what you might need.

Easier? Yes. Effective? Probably not.

Why don't you put up an Omni to satisfy your curiosity.

I have to admit, I did mean Bi-directional, not Omni. I don't know why IO asked about that, the only time I see them is on RV's actually. My bad.

I was thinking Bi-directional.

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